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Hello. My name is Annie. You could also call me Ink + Art , Rankin (celt. "little shield"), Anat (heb. "to sing"), Rain, Arin (version of celt. Erin "Ireland"; or female form of heb. Aaron "mountain of strength"), Kathy, Katie or Kat. Some of those mentioned are anagrams of my real name Ann-Kathrin.

I am a trained Graphic Designer from Germany near Stuttgart and momentarily active in illustration, photography, movies, novels, music and text. I am interested in travelling, languages, sports, cinema, art, literature, culture, Games, Cartoons , Comics and science.

I speak German, English and basic Mandarin.

When I’m not designing I occasionally write for the Hardcore Gamer Community Neutrons in Schwaebisch Gmuend and am a member myself. Mostly I write based on events for companies as Nintendo. I am writer for the Onlineshop Kendo24, a sporting goods manufacturer for whom I edit text in two languages in all relevant areas (article descriptions, FAQ, informations about ordering processes etc.)

I used to be Social Media Operator for the interactive short movie and casual game „Five Minutes“ produced by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. I was responsible for promotion, Public Relations, acquisition and networking.


Aside from that I acted as Social Media Operator for the User generated movie project DYSTOPIA, also produced by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. Here I helped with the construction and expansion of the Online Community, support of promotional activities, care of diverse target groups through various channels such as Social Networking Sites and Special Interest forums and concept and creation of multimedia publications on the project’s own platform.

I have experience with journalistic activities in local editorials doing investigation, cooperation with persons in charge, protocolling, interviewing and organizing. While working with the architectural company Blocher Blocher Partners in their creative department Blocher Blocher View I additionally learned about librarianship. Most of the text samples shown (only German language) arose in the course of the making of a catalogue for Stuttgart’s reopened shops 2014 during my work at Blocher Blocher View.

TRITTBRETT was an early project with my former fellow students but I enjoyed this one quite a lot. I love both designing and texting and my many interests add to it. I hope you enjoy browsing through my page.